English course+Dictionary for Spanish-speaking

English course+Dictionary for Spanish-speaking 2.2

Extensive award winning English course for Spanish-speaking...

Extensive award winning English course for Spanish-speaking by LANGMaster. com + Collins electronic dictionary. 17 years of experience with language teaching, more than 1.

000. 000 licenses sold world-wide. This language learning software is based on the highest quality educational content from the Hueber Verlag Publisher and includes English for beginners to advanced students.

English language course contains RE-WISE vocabulary builder for English vocabulary training, IBM ViaVoice speech recognition software, English grammar, English pronunciation, English phrases, 380 hours of intensive learning, 1,490 interactive exercises and tests, 4,800 new English words and English phrases, 2,650 pictures and photos.

Pronunciation dictionary (English Spanish dictionary + Spanish English dictionary) is the electronic dictionary from HarperCollins Publishers and includes tool for fulltext searches, 53,000 headwords, 80,000 meanings, 110,000 Spanish to English translations, 25,200 entries recorded by native speakers.

English course+Dictionary for Spanish-speaking


English course+Dictionary for Spanish-speaking 2.2

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  • "it will an awesome experience to learn english and talk it fluently."

    it will be an awsome experience to learn spanish-english with help of the computer one can easily download the software ... More.

    reviewed on October 3, 2013